Saturday, February 20, 2010

What the hell happened to all of my drugs?

I've been sick the past few days, and without a significant other to pamper me during my grouchiest times, I've been treating myself with the copious amounts of drugs I have in my bathroom.  Unfortunately, I've come to the realization that they all came from 2002 (an apparently sick time in my life although also a time when I did not believe in taking the drugs I spent oh so much money on).  Even the stupid dayquil was more like daygel - the viscosity alone should have tipped me off, but hey, by that point I'd already been hitting the stuff a few times that day.  Hopefully I didn't send any of you readers (all three of you) anything, but if I did, let me know if it's publishable or not.  Probably in the not category.  I just bought me (yeah, even high I know it should be myself, but got to keep the stylization going) a new gallon jug of the dayquil and nyquil so I can at least comment on the "new improved flavor" - tastes like Q Classic to me.  You just can't deny that Q fraking death taste - it's what tell the germs and other bad stuff in your body "hey, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here!"  That's telling them, Q!