Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shopping for Deals

I always will check out a couple of sites first before buying anything online - you can usually find coupons and, every once in a while, actually find what you are looking for at a really good price. It's not good to do what I do and check them every day, however - you just end up buying awhole bunch of junk. But here they are if you're interested:

  • Spoofee - great deal site that has a lot of tech items but also other things as well. They also have a tab to go to coupons for different companies.
  • TechBargains - kind of like Spoofee, but a little more focused on tech items.
  • Fat Wallet - they have tons of postings, but it takes a little while to find stuff, unlike Spoofee or TechBargains, which is laid out a little better. The best thing about Fat Wallet is the cash back - you create an account and if you use their links, you'll get a percentage of your purchase price back (the percentage varies from store to store).
  • If you use Google Desktop, create a tab called Deals - it will automatically grab a bunch of deal sites like Spoofee and TechBargains and put feed boxes for all of them - you can't get easier than that.

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