Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flash class

Today in class we needed to try taking what we had learned over the past couple of days and build a couple of things - I had suggested a few, including an upcoming project that does a count-down of the amount of time left before digital TV conversion. So I built the file but instead of using the date of the conversion I used the date I'm leaving for vacation (August 27), put in big bold letters "Time Until My Vacation", and sent it to my boss as an example of how such a thing might function. He then sent it off to his boss as an example as well. So now my boss and his boss know exactly when I am leaving, right? Well, my boss thought that it was in "work days", which I very quickly corrected him on. Now he knows that there will only be five days, not work days, before I am out of here. But the file makes me very happy - it lets me know exactly how much longer until I can take a break.


Sammy Jankis said...

Where are you vacationing this year?

Brien Louque said...

Wow, sounds all upper-class the way you said it - I'll be "summering" in Chicago for about a week and a half with my brother.