Sunday, November 2, 2008

Candy Tax - the dirty side

I found this article today about a woman who refused to give candy to children if they supported Obama:

Now I must admit, I'm torn - I certainly feel that the distribution of personal property should be a protected right, but as a dutiful candy-tax paying individual, I'm appalled. I don't call the IRS to see who my agent is supporting in the election before filling out my 1040. And last time I checked, the 26th Amendment to the Constitution only allowed 18 year olds the right to vote, so I doubt that her withholding of candy will change the votes of the 3-13 year old age group. I did notice one guy in the video doing an Obama free candy for all bit, though - damn socialist.

However I do love the news coverage - they gave out all of her information except the license plate number for her car and her cell phone number. Attention angry mob - the monster is that way. Grab your torches!

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